ULTRA LEATHER - the leading leather manufacturer in Ukraine from 1995

Geniune leather – is the material for creating quality and durable footwear and accessories. Therefore, it is a popular source in the world market. Since 1995, ULTRA LEATHER has been a major holding company with modern production facilities and Italian equipment.

The company’s product is the most durable leather with excellent aesthetic characteristics. After the production cycle is finished, most of the products are exported to Europe. The part of leather goods remains in Ukraine. Here they are bought up by large production companies. ULTRA LEATHER works with wholesale purchasers.

Advantages of ULTRA LEATHER

Due to the production cycle optimization and multiple partnerships, the company constantly expands its circle of influence. Moreover there are some other advantages of ULTRA LEATHER:

Beneficial prices

Flexible pricing policy.

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Wide assortment

Extensive model range. We produce several leather grades and dozens of articles.

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Modern processing

Usage of safety high-efficient compositions for raw material processing.

Advanced manufacturing technologies

Use of Italian technology and equipment. We have adopted the experience of leading countries in the field of leather dressing and made products available to Ukrainian partners.

Some more advantages

Genuine leather – is a source of inspiration for creating new design concepts. There are about 18 basic leather grades. Some of them are in high demand in the modern fashion industry, while others are used for harness, ethnic dresses and other specific items manufacturing. Our range allows us to meet the requirements of any production sector.

ULTRA LEATHER is a local leather manufacturer, which has representative offices in Asia and European Union countries. Responsible taxpayers who create new jobs, improving the economy of the country, while maintaining the practical and aesthetic qualities of the products. The lion’s share of the produced goods is exported. Cooperating with our company, you will be able to provide your production with high-quality natural leather. Contact our consultants and we will make you a profitable offer.