How to calculate the cost of cutting meter of leather in ULTRA LEATHER store?

The ULTRA LEATHER company offers the most acceptable price per leather meter in Ukraine. You can purchase not only high-quality materials for your production, but also order cutting service additionally. It is particularly true for small orders.

Our experts can perform both square-cutting and mold-cutting, and you will get the ready-made material for production in output. When cutting a leather flap, we use the innovative method of non-contact cutting. For this, precision cutting machines are used.

The machine cutting method has the following advantages:


This method makes it easy to work with any material size.


The details cutting face is perfectly smooth with the exact repeating of every pattern curve.

Ultra leather

In ULTRA LEATHER online store you can find the cost for leather square-cutting, as well as make an order for unique design of the product. The cutting machine neatly works with natural material. Our employees can cut off the trial sample for you to assure the processing quality.