The leather for belts is made from the cow-hide, and the material itself differs by its durability, flexibility and resistancy. There is a wide range of belts leather at ULTRA LEATHER’s website at available price. Here you will find the most popular colors of cattle hides.

The belt leather is also called “saddle” or “saddlery”. Long ago it was used for making horse harnesses, saddles and various details of horse harness. The term “saddle” has survived to nowadays.

Production technology and advantages of belting leather

The manufacturing of belt leather is much the same in Ukraine and around the world. It is made from the cattle hide, so it is initially rough and stretches hard. To make it more flexible, “frame drying” is applied – this technology involves the use of special frames for stretching leather, where it uniformly dries and does not shrink, but remains flexible. After that, it is resistant to frequent folding and rubbing. The main advantages and characteristics of saddle leather are:

  • high durability,
  • low extensibility,
  • flexibility,
  • thickness is 3,5 + mm.

Italian equipment and European materials for finishing are used in the production process, so all the products have quality guarantee. More than 50% of the goods are exported. Many European countries cooperate with our company.

Belt leather products are difficult in manufacturing, but long-life used. Belt leather accessories last for many years and do not lose their primary appearance. Therefore, it is unique in its kind. Products made of such material can maintain the shape without using a frame, which is an undeniable advantage among other leather types.

Belting leather articles characteristics

Our company manufactures various grades of belt leather to meet the most diverse tastes. You can order high-quality materials in the following finishes:


Strapping leather

The material has a matte, smooth surface without embossing. The leather has a thickness about 3.5 mm. Suitable for making tight belts or animal collars.


Double bend leather

Sufficiently thick material (3.5 + mm). The surface is smooth, matte. Suitable for manufacturing of hard-textured belt products.


Split / Nubuck

A specific feature of the material is a velvety surface. The leather is thin, soft. Suitable for making thin or designer belts.



This material has a beautiful surface by nature, that does not require decoration. It is often used as the upper layer of the belt to demonstrate a beautiful pattern. The company offers this article in a wide range of colors.

If you haven't make a choice yet - we offer you our specialist's advise on belt leather

    Leather belt and other products

    Leather belts gain traction among men and women, and the variety of designs allows you to match this accessory together with any clothing: trousers, skirt, dress. Professionals and newcomers can buy belt leather from ULTRA LEATHER representatives in Kiev. Our company offers a wide range.

    This article can be used both for belt manufacturing, and for:

    • military equipment,
    • business leather accessories,
    • hand made products,
    • sports equipment,
    • wallets,
    • collars for animals,
    • suitcases.

    For the local manufacturers it is not only profitable, but also very convenient to buy belt leather in Ukraine, because of short-time delivery and available price. Quality will say for itself, because genuine leather is durable and wear-resistant material.

      Beneficial wholesale purchasing terms for belting leather

      ULTRA LEATHER company offers to buy belting leather in bulk at available price. Our specialists will assist with the choice and will monitor the precise and on-time fulfillment of the order.

      ULTRA LEATHER is engaged in leather production in Ukraine, and during its activity managed to gain recognition on both local & international markets.
      You can buy leather for belts manufacturing by going through the assortment at the website, selecting what you need, and then filling in the application form or calling the referenced phones. The company may offer a wide range of articles, differing by drawing, characteristics, embossing. If you meet any difficulties, our qualified specialists will assist you with making the right choice.