Fashion is fast-changing, the types of fabrics are changing each other at an unprecedented pace. But you will always find genuine leather products in any fashion collection. All-season and versatile, enabling to use a variety of sewing accessories, it is always relevant.

To ensure that the customer can buy quality genuine leather without any obstacles and delays, ULTRA LEATHER launched two online stores – oriented to local market and to foreign sales – for making order with maximum convenience.

Leader of tanning industry and well-deserved awards

Being the largest leather supplier in Ukraine – is not only advantage for us, but also a responsibility. For a reason we earn Diplomas of the International exhibitions. The quality of our products is a result of serious work of technologists, and the assortment policy and marketing arise from market research and close cooperation with our partners.
Among our awards there is the diploma of the 27th International footwear, leather and fur exhibition named “Leather and shoes”, diplomas of the international wholesale fair “Leather-shoes-fur-technology” for the exhibited product collection.


ULTRA LEATHER is always welcome to offer you the widest leather assortment of European quality, and also comfortable conditions of cooperation.