Leather tanning and leather products manufacturing was considered a serious and honorable craft for centuries. Tanners from Baryshevka were famed for their excellence in leather production. And now we are the largest full cycle manufacturers in Ukraine.

Today Baryshevsky tannery, which was revivified from the ruins, is the main enterprise of ULTRA LEATHER innovative company, equipped with the latest high technology. But its story dates back to 1893.

New Century and New Production Technologies for genuine leather

In the middle of the 20th century the Baryshevsky tannery was recognized in emergency situation, but due to its high profitability, did not terminate its activity.

Founded in 1995 the ULTRA LEATHER company made a new turn in its development and the evolution of Baryshevka tannery. 2007 have ushered a new era with its advanced manufacturing of genuine leather, innovative production methods and equipment.

ULTRA LEATHER company has completely reconstructed the tannery

In order to work in accordance with the consumer needs of the 21st century, the company’s management has made the following steps, namely:

– buying the innovative Italian equipment;
– reconstruction of effluent treatment plant;
– reconstruction of all communication lines;
– building of new warehouse and production facilities;
– usage of high-end European materials for leather finishing;
– recruitment of qualified foreign technologists with more than 20 years working experience.

ULTRA LEATHER company in XXI century

All the above mentioned steps were targeted at increasing of production volumes, that was achieved: the company gained recognition not on the Ukrainian market only, but also internationally. Products manufactured by ULTRA LEATHER are exported abroad in the amount of more than 50% of total output. Today’s company assets are Baryshevsky and Zhytomyrsky factories, as well as several affiliates.

The main company’s activity is cattle hides processing and leather manufacturing for further wholesale. The assortment of goods includes the cattle hides, processed for various needs, therefor differing in thickness, texture, color-grade and processing. Total quality control of production process – starting from the manufacturing to the shipment of the finished products – allows us to guarantee 100% quality of the supplied products.