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ULTRA LEATHER is a reliable partner. We create optimal conditions for cooperation and individually approach to each customer. For this reason we have been cooperating with Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers for more than 20 years.

Frequently asked Questions

What is your range?

ULTRA LEATHER offers a varied range of leather for the wide variety production. You can buy bovine leather for haberdashery industry, footwear, belts, semi-finished wet-blue, split and nappa.

How the tanning materials are produced?

Our company is the only who has the complete leather production cycle in Ukraine. We use high-quality calfskin, which is processed with safety materials. Our production is completely safe for the environment.

What are the terms of production?

Basic range we produce in 2-4 weeks, it is always available in stock. Also we can produce the leather according to your personal order.

How the goods can be paid?

You can make 100% prepayment or pay in cash to a courier. For regular customers the payment delay is possible. In general, we accept all kinds of payment: in cash and by bank transfer.

Do you have a delivery?

We deliver by courier directly from our company’s salespoints in Kiev, Brovary, Kharkiv, Dnieper, Lviv and Odessa . Delivery to other regions of Ukraine or Europe is carried out by means of transport companies.

Are there any discounts or bonus programs?

If you make a wholesale order, or intend to cooperate with us on a permanent basis – we are ready to offer you a flexible discount system. For regular customers, we also have a loyalty bonus, which can reach 8% of the total amount of the order. For details, please contact our managers.

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