Haberdashery leather - is an ideal choice for quality leather accessories production

Haberdashery products made from genuine leather are wear-resistant, durable, glamour looking, smooth to the touch. The most popular in haberdashery is calfskin. You can buy haberdashery leather in ULTRA LEATHER’s online store. We offer cattle hide (more often calf), presented in various textures and colors.

The group of haberdashery leather products includes male and female accessories, accenting owner’s style and status. High quality accessories immediately attract attention to the owner. But this is not the only reason of high market demand for haberdashery leather. This leather type is characterized by durability and high performance, which is extremely important for production.

The usage of calfskin
in haberdashery

Calfskin is a very strong and high-quality material, the accessories are soft and smooth, and leather fragility and cracking does not threaten them even with long use. Buying a calfskin for haberdashery manufacturing is to emphasize respect for the buyer, who is looking for more than one-day trinket, but a thing that will serve him even longer than is required.
Smooth leather is commercially successful as well as textured, and even polished. Smooth leather is a high-value haberdashery segment. The highest quality parts of the hide are used for its production. Machine processing here is minimal, because the main goal is to save the supreme nature of the material.

Haberdashery leather is a versatile material

Haberdashery leather basic requirements

Haberdashery leather is a natural material that must comply with several criteria. The leather goes through the entire cycle of laboratory research. The ULTRA LEATHER company offers an assortment of haberdashery leather in various colors and tints, thickness and texture, and most important – the appropriate quality: evenly dyed material, durable and wear resistant with natural texture.

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