Quality heritage and European tannery technologies

Today, the manufacture and supply of tanned semi-finished products is a high-tech and consumer-oriented process, similar to the production of smartphones. The present-day world’s dynamic business environment creates new standards for industrial scale and production rates. Not a customer will wait any longer the shoemaker brings a leather from the fair and make a new shoes, nor a shoemaker tackle up a horse and not even make a call to the sales department – we have everything over the Internet.

Two tannery – one ULTRA LEATHER

Tannery of semi finished wet-blue

The second ULTRA LEATHER factory in Zhitomir will be fully focused on wet-blue production. It means that a new level of specialization – and therefore quality and range – will ensure satisfaction for this semi finished product in European countries. It means a new level of scale and a new level of benefits for our clients.
LLC West Hides is a wet-blue and wet-white trader. Production facilities are located at Zhitomir, Promyshlennaya street 1/154

We know everything about production

The technology of leather manufacturing provides for a number of high-technology operations related to the chemical and mechanical processing of skins. ULTRA LEATHER experts at Baryshevsky tannery know the merit of tanning process best, cause they can trace trough their experience the evolution of hides tanning from the 20th century to the latest innovations of the 21st century and with the confidence of professionals to make a choice in favor of certain technologies.

ULTRA LEATHER in Baryshev works its way from the emergency tannery of last mid-century to the most high-tech leather manufacturer in Ukraine for now, and we know how to effect the quality of any of our 18 leather types which we produce.

Proper foundation for the right product

Talking about the tannery modernization, we mean not only a high-tech Italian equipment purchase. The tannery is an entire “ecosystem”, which includes, among other, modern effluent treatment facilities, and communications, well-equipped warehouses and production facilities. Of course, all that is meaningless without skilled and experienced technologists involvement. At the Baryshevsky tannery the modernization has already been completed, the reconstruction is under way at Zhitomirsky tannery, as a result it will be the only factory in the country which is completely reoriented to produce wet-blue semi-finished products meeting the highest standards.


In the manufacture of semi-finished leather products, the importance is not only of equipment, but also of compounds for processing raw materials. In both factories, we have opted for safe and highly efficient consumables that not only give the freedom to produce tens of articles of high-quality genuine leather, but also ensure its environmental friendliness. And as half of our production goes to foreign customers, we can say with confidence that it fits the highest standards.

The scale of production – is the scale of benefits

Everything is simple: we are the industry leaders, and first of all it means that we can honestly offer to our buyer the best price for the product without loss of profit. At the same time, those who are engaged in leather manufacturing can choose comfortable conditions for cooperation based on their needs: someone is interested in volume discounts, someone in payment delay. We can afford to work with everyone on individual basis and we do it with pleasure.

Face to face: direct communications

We have done a great job on improving our tanneries technologies, analyzing the trends and needs of the international market, and adapted them to the reality of local production and marketing. Today ULTRA LEATHER offers its customers a unique opportunity – to order products directly from a large full-cycle manufacturer, which greatly force and simplifies the purchase and solution of issues connected with delivery and quality. We clearly understand that it is necessary for everyone to work and earn money, therefore we believe that our opportunities are an occasion to assist our partners in their development.